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Thank You:

These are a few of the people that have helped me with building this site. Either with help in finding CD's, advice in building it and or encouragement to continue with it.

Dean Roberts for help with the initial set up and ideas. He runs and is responsible for
The Ultimate AC/DC CD Discography - the foremost reference page for AC/DC CD Junkies.

Also to Tony Lewis for inspiration. He has built a great page for Jimi Hendrix collectors: A few of the CD's on this site are from Tony. Unfortunately his site does not seem to be available at present.

A BIG Thank you to Thomas Pankow. A valuable source for many of my CD's. Another Pink Floyd collector who has hunted down MANY CD's for me. (We have also battled many times on Ebay for the same CD).

A Fleeting Glimpse run by Col Turner in Australia. I have had the pleasure of meeting Col in Australia while visiting the Roger Waters Sydney shows. A very nice guy with a great site full of all things Floyd.

Thank you also to Li-kun for all the help with the CD's from China. His help will hopefully make this site more accurate.

All the people who contact me with questions and ideas.


Also deserving of thanks is Vernon Fitch. A great site for ALL of the Pink Floyd releases. This can be found at PFArchives. I have used this site MANY times over the years. A Valuable resource for Pink Floyd collectors.

Another great site I have used MANY times is the ROIO Database. Excellent for finding the real origin of live recordings. I don't think this site
has been updated for a while but still another Valuable resource.

As I am always looking to expand my collection, I have items for sale or trade. Also here is a list of other collectors.

Here is a Pink Floyd Site with a section containing CD scans similar to this site. Hoka has quite a few CD's I am still looking for. He also features RIOI CD's as well as standard releases. He has larger pictures of the cover art. If you require a closer look at any of the CDs on my site, chances are you will find more detailed pictures here.

Here is another Pink Floyd collectors reference site.
Also a great place to trade CD's etc. Just Email Syl'.

Click on the FRAMED music image on the right
for a great gift idea.

This site features JAPANESE PF CD's

As above, If you require a closer look at any of the Japanese CD's on my site, chances are you will find more details for it here. Also included here are many Obi scans. Well worth a visit.

"The Home of the Latest Pink Floyd and Roger Waters news, Information, Exclusive interviews, Reviews and more!"

Another Great site featuring the latest Roger Waters news.

Looking to Buy Pink Floyd items? Here is the place to visit, FLOYDSTUFF.COM. A HUGE range, probably the best selection available anywhere.

A Site Dedicated to Dave Gilmour. 
Full of info and Pics including a lot of Information on his many guest appearances.

A great site FULL of Floyd information. One of the better Floyd sites with a heap of information.
Run by Col Turner in Australia.

A page dedicated to the legend of
Roger Keith Syd Barrett